Sunday, September 23, 2012


                                                                   By Deirdre Mitchell

I have been asking myself this question since I watched an interview with Michael Jackson’s mother soon after his demise.  She stated how as a child Michael would always jump up in the middle of the night and say, “I’ve got it!” with such joy and glee.  And yes, I too would agree, “I’ve got it!”

I have the answer to the question, “From where do our creative juices flow?”

And the answer is, dun, dun, dun…


The creative power of GOD is downloaded into people of all walks of life.  It is inherent in every gender, and every ethnicity.  This power has and continues to manifest itself beyond our political, sexual and religious preferences.

Every person has the innate ability to create and this is a gift from GOD.

Hey, creativity used in the Arts and Sciences is a part of what makes us human!  A colorful scribble written by the sweetest toddler is as creative as a published text from the most astute and best-selling author.  The mixing of water and sand to make mud pies is as much science to children as the vaccine created by the bio-chemist.

We are all creative beings from the beginning of mankind.  History shows this to be evident in the lives of the two humans GOD first created, man and woman.  The man, Adam named the animals, and at least one of the two humans (probably Eve) made clothing for the both of them after the act of disobedience.  There you have it in the Bible, a scientist and a fashion designer!

According to the Book of Jeremiah GOD knew you before you were in your mother’s womb, and He gave you thoughts and plans of good.  Your name and life were a thought in the mind of GOD and you are living proof to thoughts and words becoming reality.  You are his words in action.

“In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the Earth…  And GOD said, Let there be light: and there was light.  And GOD saw the light, that it was good.”  Humans as babies are good, humans as scientists and artists are all good!

I believe if GOD, The Creator is able to speak his thoughts aloud and they come into existence then we are able to do the same, as long as there is an action to follow.  We should do greater works via the words spoken by GOD’S Son.  So what are you waiting for?  Accept your GOD given gift of creative power!  Go forth and create!

Just a little illustration of thoughts becoming words, and words becoming action

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  1. I to accept the challenge of letting my creative juices flow! Dee, I am so honored to be amongst someone as creative and compassionate as you! Thank you for being an inspiration to me so that I challenge myself so that my Precious Jewels have a chance to show and experience creativity!