Friday, August 17, 2012


Imagine a million people competing for one prize and all of them are at the top of their game.  They’ve got speed, agility, intelligence, endurance and strength.  All of the skills needed to come out victorious.  The winner of such a contest would be praised even honored for their accomplishment.

What if I told you that you not only possess all of the skills mentioned above but you were that one out of a million who captured the ever elusive prize.  Would you believe me?

Most people don’t see themselves as a member of the best of the best circles, but you are.  If you weren’t how else would you be here?  You were one out of a million cells running the same race.  It took speed and agility to make it to the egg; endurance and strength to push your way inside, and intelligence along with the hand of GOD to become who you are today. 

You were chosen by GOD and endowed with everything you need to prosper.  You’ve never been ordinary.  Remember, you did the impossible


  1. Your life and how you have interpreted it is truly inspiring. You are indeed blessed to have such a close relationship with God.