Friday, December 7, 2012


By Gary Robinson

Maybe if I thought of her hard enough I could breathe her into my presence.
And although I try, her face only brings a tear
And with this tear I mix my hearts manifestation.
Only to write more grief,
Within the lines of this leaf
This is the great lovers manifesto
Questionable only with this:
Will I and my love ever manifest?
Or will I remain forever torn from my flesh?
Fighting the unchangeable,
The which, I cannot correct.

A part of isn’t here.
Though this part continues to live on
And I cry not because it lives, because it does not live it only exist
And though I pray for it to transcend,
I can’t ignore the wreckage that takes place within.

A part of me isn’t here.
And I wonder if someone is making love to you?
And even though there are more important questions that bombard me in the dead of night.
This one vexes me in the voices of rain drops dying upon my window.
Mockingly asking,
Does he hold you closely at night just to here two hearts beat simultaneously singing a love song?
Does he taste your sadness manifested as tears falling from your eyes?
And if he loves you answer me this,
Has his spirit ever transcended the ethereal to comfort you when you’re lonely?
I know the thought of you out there with all life has to offer and the thought of me having tasted some of the bitter fruit that this world produces is disturbing.
But don’t kiss him!
And if you do, veil your eyes so that he doesn’t look into them as I once did.
Don’t kiss him!
Because what lies within a kiss is a trust that boarders on the edge of love,
And what lies within losing your love is a mentality that boarders insanity.
And I could lose you through a kiss,
Lose you through a kiss,
Lose you through a kiss,
And in turn lose myself.