Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I would just like to take the time to say that God cares about every aspect of your life.  It’s easy to see Him, the God of the universe as some far off entity, uninterested with the cares and concerns of our everyday life.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Abba in the English language is translated as father.  This is the only word the English language has that expresses the relationship between God the Father and us, His children.  And as amazing as it sounds, even this does not fully grasp the depth of its meaning.

To believe that God doesn’t care about the most intricate part of our lives robs us of the greatest blessing, allowing Him to direct your path.  David asked to have his steps ordered in the word.  We know him as the great psalmist and king because of this.  A man after gods own heart.  His son Solomon wrote, “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.”  The wisest man who ever lived wrote these words.  Blessed with wealth, riches and fame, his life speaks to us from the distant portals of time.  Simply because he acknowledged God in all His ways! 

There is a reason for the greatness of mankind.  Oh there are many who have done great things.  But then there are those who are known not merely for their achievements but for the testament of their character and how this character impacted humanity.  A character that compels young men and women to rise above their circumstances, that inspires the visionaries.  That says to them it’s alright to believe in someone higher and mightier than yourself because when you do every dream, will come to fruition.

These are people of destiny, people of purpose.  People who have chosen to allow God to direct their path.  Order their steps, and who understand that their Heavenly Father (for lack of a better word) cares about every aspect of their lives, and is in the business of enhancing every aspect of their lives.  He calls it Abundant Living.

If God placed something in you only He can call it forth.  Only He can use it in a manner which he purposed, and its purpose is to change the world.

See you don’t have to have millions of dollars to affect change.  Every life you touch you change whether you know it or not.  Think about the story of Ruth.   Naomi her husband and their two sons move to the land of Moab because of a famine in their own land.   Naomi’s sons marry two Moabite women.  Her husband eventually dies followed by both sons without leaving any heirs.  Now all that are left of the immediate family are three widows.  Naomi chooses to return to her home but her daughters won’t leave her.  She’s adamant in her desire that they stay and live their lives.   Orpah does leaves but Ruth is determined to stick by her side.  Naomi and Ruth return to her homeland and begin to eke out a living until God decides to bless them with His favor.   They find out that the field that Ruth has been picking sheaves in is owned by Boaz, a kinsman of Naomi’s.   Ruth and Boaz soon marry, and Naomi is comforted from the heaviness she carried around all those years.  She not only saw but nursed the son that would carry on their lineage.   Ruth brought back the joy of a woman who was so grief stricken that she changed her name from Naomi which means my pleasantness to Mahar which means bitter.   Her love and loyalty for Naomi caused her to renounce her own people, her own land, her own god.  And embrace the people, the land and the God of her mother in law.  By one simple act of love she changed Naomi’s life.  And by this same act God used her to change the world because the child Naomi nursed was the father of Jesse who was the father of David.

The potential for greatness lies within us all, sometimes dormant, sometimes seen although never actualized in its fullness until God calls it forth.   But it waits within us all for its moment to change the world.  Waiting.  Whispering, urging you to allow it.  Because that’s what it was destined to do.   

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Some people appear to stay in the spotlight actors, singers, politicians, and publicity hounds.  These are some of the most common.  But then there are others, those that seem to emit a light of their own.  You are drawn to them by some innate attribute that even you can’t identify.  It’s just something about them.

In Acts Chapter 4 the apostles Peter & John are brought before the chief priest and elders for healing a crippled beggar and preaching Jesus and the resurrection.  The leaders demand answers from these uneducated fishermen.  But what all of them failed to realize was that when you’ve been with Jesus a change takes place.

The bible says that, “When they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished.  And they recognized that they had been with Jesus."

Well the 5,000 who had just heard the word and believed already knew that these men had been with Jesus.  It was something about them.  They didn’t speak like everyone else.  There was a quality to their character a concern in their voice that resonated in the spirits of the 5,000.

This is the light that shines from some people.  Drawing, calling, beckoning to others to come and when you feel the warmth of its glow you know that person has been with Jesus.  They can no longer go unrecognized.

Shine your light.


Sometimes the very things we pray for GOD allows us to be in situations or circumstances that prepare us to receive them.  At first we may not understand why we’re going through the uncomfortable moments. But in time we find out that some element of our character has been refined, shaped or chiseled because of this experience. 
It is easier to complain about the situations GOD allows in our lives simply because we don’t see the bigger picture.

The manifestation of our dreams!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


“When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.”

Psalm 34:17

This is the reason why today is unlike any other day, because today you take hold of the promise of GOD.  For those of you who may feel that you don’t qualify, it is for you.  If things aren’t going right in your life, it is for you.  For those who feel that they aren’t righteous enough.  You’re absolutely correct.  But you can still claim the promise of GOD if you believe in the saving power of Jesus because then you take on his righteousness.  This is for you!

Victory over your fears, your financial situation, your emotional situation, and your physical situation is yours by simply walking in faith and believing what GOD says about you.  The key to it is figuring out what He says about you.  When you have the understanding that GOD says you are a victor & not a victim.  That you are above and not beneath; a lender and not a borrower.  Blessed and not cursed.  Made in His image and not a reflection of where you were raised or what you’ve been through.  When you realize the promises you begin to take hold of your destiny with one of the tools He has placed at your disposal.  Your faith in Him!  

Today is the day that GOD gives you the power to effect change in your life by believing, speaking and watching His word go to work.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Love believes the best in people while not allowing the worst to turn it away.
Love has the uncanny ability to inspire when we just want to expire.
Love wraps the hurting with arms of solace & comfort.
But also gives strength to the weak, courage to the fearful.
Love sees others in need and extends a hand to meet that need.
Love builds up what life has torn down.
Love lets the forgotten know they are remembered,
And reminds the forgotten dreamer of the dreams lost through the years.
Love can produce a smile when all you want to do is cry, and be your voice when you have lost your own.
A comforter
A guide.
Love is the reason for our hope
The container for our dreams
The kiss of our Spirits.
Regardless of what your going through never forget to give it.

P.S. Because someone is always in need.


Every day we hear the stories of pain, heartbreak, and despair but I’m here to tell you that the God of Jacob the God of the Gentiles loves you.  We don’t acknowledge that God is a way maker. It isn’t over, regardless of how it looks.  It isn’t over.  In the midst of the greatest storm God is with you.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  No never.  What you consider the greatest weight, that most unbearable burden, won’t break you because it can’t break you.  The enemy will tell you otherwise.  Your mind will tell you otherwise.  Looking at how far you have to go, the magnitude of the disaster.  The pain and hollowness you feel in the center of your being.  But this can’t break you.   This won’t break you!  Do you know why?  Well I was sent by the Lord to tell you.  This won’t break you because it can’t break you.  This won’t break you because it can’t break you. This won’t break you because it can’t break you!  Everything you face, everything you have faced, and everything you are going to face has been filtered through the love of God.  And Gods love will not allow you to go through anything you can’t bear.

Those feelings you feel are real: The anger, the sadness, the fear, the frustration.  But you are not your feelings.  You are greater than your feelings.  You are a warrior, a survivor.  You think you got hear by happenstance?  Huh?   Out of a million sperm cells it was you that survived the travel, made it to your destination and demanded to come into the world.  This was no luck.  God ordained you to come into this world and he empowered you with the strength to do it.   You were that one in a million.  You were that warrior.  You were that survivor.  You were chosen by God. 

Nothing has changed.  That same strength, commitment, and survival instinct still live within you and I have been sent to tell you that you will live and not die.  You will stand and not fall.  You will love and not hate.  You will praise and not mourn.  Worship and not whimper.  Because you, yes you, are a survivor.
Now stand.  Clothed in your armor and walking in the favor of God.  His power is within you; His blessing before you.