Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It is said by some that GOD no longer speaks to man.  They say that the written word has been given to us and in it holds all our answers.  I’ve also met believers who feel that GOD does not speak to them.  These people feel like they must be doing something wrong and begin to question their walk with GOD.

Well let me tell you that GOD’S voice has not grown silent in the world, especially in our day and age.  He speaks not only through the written word but in the heart, mind and spirit of man as well.  GOD uses various mediums to relay his messages to us.  Some people receive this word through dreams and visions.  I myself have been led by the Spirit to listen to certain songs, watch a particular T.V.  Show, or ask the advice of others; leaving me to know without a doubt that this was a word from GOD.

But it all evolved from being led by the Spirit.

Jesus said that when he went away he would send us another comforter, the Spirit of truth who will lead and guide us into all truth.  The Holy Spirit speaks what He hears and will tell us all things to come.  Our greatest hindrance in hearing from GOD is learning to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice.  This is how GOD continues to guide us.

The Spirit speaks to all, regardless of our level of maturity because it’s His duty to guide us into spiritual adulthood.  When you feel you don’t hear His voice one reason may be that He’s spoken to you already.

Close your eyes and think about some of those thoughts that have kept popping up in your mind.  The bible says that GOD speaks with a still small voice.  Those little thoughts that come into your mind at times, fade away only to return again and again are usually telltale signs.

Another is that the Spirit will never tell you to do something mean, spiteful or vindictive.  When the thought crosses your mind to apologize to someone you’ve wronged or say a kind word to the person who’s having a hard day I’ll venture to believe that’s the Spirit of GOD.  That thought that keeps entering your head to return to school or start a business, and the only opposing voice you hear is one of fear or failure.  I say that it is the Spirit of GOD.

The Holy Spirit will always be with you to give you guidance, encouragement and insight.  So listen to that still small voice within urging you to be patient, kinder and fearless in the pursuit of your dreams.  Jesus promised to never leave you nor forsake you.  This is a promise you can bank on.  


  1. Very inspiring, Gary. Thanks for sharing your awesome insights.

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    1. Thanks it means a lot. I will most certainly accept your invitation.