Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Every day we hear the stories of pain, heartbreak, and despair but I’m here to tell you that the God of Jacob the God of the Gentiles loves you.  We don’t acknowledge that God is a way maker. It isn’t over, regardless of how it looks.  It isn’t over.  In the midst of the greatest storm God is with you.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  No never.  What you consider the greatest weight, that most unbearable burden, won’t break you because it can’t break you.  The enemy will tell you otherwise.  Your mind will tell you otherwise.  Looking at how far you have to go, the magnitude of the disaster.  The pain and hollowness you feel in the center of your being.  But this can’t break you.   This won’t break you!  Do you know why?  Well I was sent by the Lord to tell you.  This won’t break you because it can’t break you.  This won’t break you because it can’t break you. This won’t break you because it can’t break you!  Everything you face, everything you have faced, and everything you are going to face has been filtered through the love of God.  And Gods love will not allow you to go through anything you can’t bear.

Those feelings you feel are real: The anger, the sadness, the fear, the frustration.  But you are not your feelings.  You are greater than your feelings.  You are a warrior, a survivor.  You think you got hear by happenstance?  Huh?   Out of a million sperm cells it was you that survived the travel, made it to your destination and demanded to come into the world.  This was no luck.  God ordained you to come into this world and he empowered you with the strength to do it.   You were that one in a million.  You were that warrior.  You were that survivor.  You were chosen by God. 

Nothing has changed.  That same strength, commitment, and survival instinct still live within you and I have been sent to tell you that you will live and not die.  You will stand and not fall.  You will love and not hate.  You will praise and not mourn.  Worship and not whimper.  Because you, yes you, are a survivor.
Now stand.  Clothed in your armor and walking in the favor of God.  His power is within you; His blessing before you.  

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