Saturday, August 11, 2012


                  I would just like to encourage you today and tell you that GOD desires your worship.  Hungers for your worship, and is pleased by your worship.  Worship can take you to a different plane of existence where you have access to the power and the presence of God.   It can take you into the throne room of the King.  Into his presence where there is fullness of joy.  Worship can empower you to stand in faith, walk in faith, to live in faith.  Worship will strengthen your faith.  It is the mind of Christ activated in the life of the believer.

                Jesus is the embodiment of worship. He reverenced the Father which led to his obedience to the Spirit of GOD dwelling within him.  He sat in the presence of GOD alone every chance He got enjoying intimate worship with the Father, sometimes all night.  To put on the mind of Christ is to put on the mind of worship.  And to put on the mind of worship is to experience the power of GOD.  
                Not all of us will jump, shout, or dance.  But when it is sincere, when it is real, it will escort you into the throne room of the king and change forever the way we see GOD the Father.  Before I really experienced worship, GOD as my Father, was only understood theoretically.  It was merely head knowledge.   I had no real true intimate relationship with the Father.  I read the Bible 3 to 4 hours a day, felt that I’d met my requirements, now I could go and do what I wanted to do, without God.  What I had yet to learn was how to take God with me wherever I went.  But I really didn’t want to because I had yet to know who he was for me.  Yeah, I knew who He was to David, to Enoch, to Elijah and to Paul.  But I had yet to develop an intimate relationship with Him.   I really did not reverence  the Father like Jesus did or stand in awe of Him as the Psalmist.  I had not walked with him daily as Enoch had or sat in silence as He spoke to me as He did with a young Samuel. 

                Worship is designed to do all of this.  Through intimate worship you begin to see the goodness of God over your life and develop an attitude of gratitude.  Through sincere worship you begin to listen in prayer as well as speak, learning the voice of the Holy Spirit as distinct from your own. Through worship, GOD the Father becomes someone personal, realer than mere words.  He becomes your Father.  The one who has been showing you favor your whole life. Whose gracious hand kept you from becoming a statistic, and whose vision for your life is the voice within you saying, “You are destined for greater.”

                The music of worship is sung from a heart that understands all that He is and all that we are not without Him.  Praise is to speak of His greatness, His goodness, His majesty, His love.  From a heart that has made worship a way of life.  To embrace worship as a state of mind is to embrace worship as way of life.  I write today daring you to worship, daring you to activate the power and the presence of God within you.  I promise  your life will never be the same again.

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