Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Power Of Hope

Hope, it’s that uncanny ability to rise in the face of naysayers.  Do you have it? Or have you allowed bad breaks or bad relationships to steal yours?
I vowed a long time ago that I would never be counted among the broken men.  I would become better, stronger.  That I was going to do everything in my power to become the person I was destined to be, a man of destiny.
Did life get easier?  Of course not!  I was still faced with obstacles.  The most recent was losing my Great Grandmother and Grandmother 2 weeks apart.  
Obstacles, hardships and heartbreak are painful.  Believe me I know.  At the age of 12 my mother was sentenced to 28 ½ years in prison.  (The next time I saw her I was 25 and she was coming to prison to see me.  It broke her heart).  I never knew my father so when she left no one was able to fill that void.  In middle school I was assigned to see a psychologist who determined the cause of my erratic behavior was the loss of my mother.  People quite often can’t tell the difference when someone is acting up or when their acting out because of psychological problems.
My life didn’t take an uphill climb but rather a nose dive into the streets.  Drinking and drugs soon followed and at the age of 20 I was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison.  From here I could have said life was over for me, but even before getting sentenced I’ll never forget praying and asking the Lord to not release me until He felt that I was ready.  12 years and 9 months later I walked out of prison.
I had dreams of a music career, acting and writing.  Hope allowed me to believe that I would make it out of many dangerous situations to still pursue my dreams.  My hope in GOD sustained me.
I've written this particular post to show that regardless of what you have faced never give up on yourself.  Never give up on GOD.  Place your hope in Him and keep reaching, keep believing because you are stronger than you know!

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